14 Mistakes that ought to Be Avoided while Developing Mobile Apps

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Fine, you have an amazing idea in mind and you wish it give life to it in the online world.  You just do not want to make it live. You further want it to shine amongst the lots other in the market.  Now, what more does the Mobile App need to make such wonders in the mobile market.  Mobile App has got all the necessary plugins currently to gain that much needed mobile presence in the market.  Then, what else is very necessary while developing a good Mobile App?

Mobile App is a wonderful platform for shaping new and exciting business ideas. The challenge, however, is to work out the proper approach. Programmers and internet app developers should come up with distinctive and dynamic mobile apps, that would definitely meet expectations of the purchasers. Yes, state of the art internet tools and technologies have alleviated out the task, but still, there are developers and programmers, who miss out on vital aspects while developing Mobile apps. . After all, it all comes all the way down to one point- perfection. Such is that the case that even the slightest mistake will cause massive bother and encouraging a serious loss to time and cash.


When we talk about goals, one of the most important aspects a Mobile App developer should identify is the poorly performing arts apps; those that aren’t made in fulfilling the requirements of shoppers and can possibly disappoint the End users.  Today, the app development market is growing massively.  Therefore, your performance should result in a quality product that can stand out in the mobile market.

We are listing a few mistakes that can ruin the whole Mobile App and Developers should not dare to commit these mistakes while developing an App. 

1. Multiple Platforms Altogether


Let’s admit; with over million apps on each the Google Play and Apple App Store, there's some fierce competition to face. Don’t add up to your engineering prices and take platform at a time. This can be conjointly helpful to bring your minimum viable product (MVP) within the app store quickly.

Further, if you do hit on each of the platforms along, then you're absolute to amend it on each of the places that as a result will increase a lot of development time and value. The simplest is to terminate associate app on iOS and endure the iterations before posting it to mechanical man or contrariwise. As an example, Instagram had already established its presence on iOS before they went for the mechanical man version.

2. Not a Secret

When it involves apps being closemouthed is not any sensible. Any app, regardless of however terrific it is, it needs its share of labor. Yes, there are pluses of launching a concept for the primary time within the market; still, it's best to balance the secrecy of your ideas with the reserves that may be availed by spreading some data to a gaggle of individuals, during a controlled manner. 

Their feedback will be helpful throughout the testing stage in order that the app doesn’t lag behind. Setting a pre-launch campaign for your audience is additionally a good plan. There's no ought to disclose your material possession, however you'll produce that suspense amidst the potential client and attract them.

3. No Purpose


If there's no purpose of your app, there's no audience. Not having a transparent purpose will price a developer badly. it's seen a number of the apps are created simply to arouse curiosity and follow the lines of another similar apps. Associate app with a collection target could be a definite failure. Providing there's a real purpose, then will your app style success.

Making your app distinctive and helpful offers final delight particularly to the loyal users. Match the aim of the app there upon of the event method and execute parallel tests throughout development in order that the errors will be unbroken trapped.

4. Feature Overload

After you decide on the app store of your option to begin with the launch, it's judicious to own a core set of options.Your 1st version means that you should look at the most hypothesis of your app to evaluate whether or not the market is acceptive it or not.  If you've got already created a mark on the online, don’t rush to shift on to mobile presence. 

5. Ignoring Analytics


We can’t even consider introducing an internet site while not the employment of Google Analytics or for that matter, the other pursuit tool, then why we are we able to act with associate app with no analytics. Build use of associate analytics service like Flurry to require data-driven selections bearing on style, content and user expertise.

Keep the track of things from the terribly starting. Some important metrics to investigate the performance of your app ar daily active users (DAU), retention rate, average time spent inside the app, engagement and app crashes.

6. Poor User expertise


Apple has fastened a customary once it involves product style and user expertise. simply provide over associate iPhone and iPad to a shaver and that they can acumen to work it. However, the mobile user is seeking one thing totally different from that of the online. A mobile expertise ought to be interactive and intuitive.  As per analysis, twenty-sixth of the apps are solely opened once and never seen off once more and another forty-eighth are opened ten times or perhaps less.

So, you wish to form a second charm that comes simply with launching the app. Remember, it's still higher than individuals get happy exploitation somebody else’s product instead of being disgruntled with yours. Mobile apps means totally different from their desktop cousins. Don’t limit a mobile app by making barriers of pre-established styles or functionalities; use offered hardware for crafting enriching expertise. you bought to justify your idea; the existence of your app. Do what it takes to create your product distinctive and so fireplace it up as somewhat exceptionally-designed code.

7. Direction problems

If you're unaccustomed managing a code project before, it's urged that you just choose skilled mobile app development company on rent. A development look can provide access to contact project managers that will modify your laymen terms to those that developers can grasp a lot of. Further, presenting a product specification document with none product management expertise could be a difficult task in itself.

There are sure parameters to be thought over and procuring skilled assistance will save time and cash ultimately. Also, a mobile development company are extensively experienced in  making apps and is aware of the way to touch upon shoppers from the numerous technical background..

8. Cash Matters

Don’t assume that if you've got created, the payment can flow next. several of the apps topping the charts are free, therefore you bought to suppose however you'll legitimate from the onset. Common myths during this regard are: ads are with the app continually, users will certainly obtain the app; either outright or through in-app purchases, another company can take over the app and it's vital to contemplate scale and tackle substantiation later. Do analysis different apps of your genre to investigate however they legitimate. Strive combine matching totally different approaches during a manner that it suits your project, though it's terribly cumbersome to accept the simplest. It's sensible to be pro-active on the substantiation front and gain valuable insights on the patterns of monetizing of the made apps within the app store.

9. Promoting Comes Later


Start with the promoting of your app as early as you'll. Don’t simply watch for the launch to happen and so begin the method of promotion. Contact media around 2-4 weeks before you intend to invade the app store. Keep your emails short and private and be compact concerning what makes your app totally different.

Attach a link to a screenshot or a video in order that the blogger will gauge what your app will. Call for the top if they might wish a lot of data or if they might prefer to provide it an endeavor as a shot. Before you start with the promoting ways, it's crucial that you just understand your audience. Is it a couple of tiny niche or wide-scale market? No matter is that the preference, make sure that your app is aware of concerning the problems that plague the market and so cater to those issues. Aim for the featured standing on the app store.

Yes, some get placed within the ‘staff picks’ section on the premise of quality, you'll gain quality through gaining a spot in forthcoming Apple releases. provide your app the boost it needs with the magic of selling.

10. Absent necessities
One of the largest blunders that you just will do as a mobile app developer is to avoid together with the key options of the targeted device. As you start developing associate app, watch out to not miss out on the intrinsical options of a mobile device. This can heighten the practicality of your app and guarantee powerful user expertise to your finishers.

11. commanding Navigation


Most of the developers ignore the importance of associate economical navigation system at the time of developing applications for numerous mobile devices and platforms. Note: it's navigation that may build or break your app, therefore pay additional attention to having clear and simple navigation that helps the top users to figure on the app with comfort.

12. Wrong software

Wrong software, if elect, will ruin the user expertise of your mobile app. It's complicated to develop apps for numerous operative systems like iOS, Windows, mechanical man etc. Gather all the information that you just will concerning the present systems and so build the ultimate call for the OS of your app. Properly dissect every possibility at your disposal. Don’t go together with stereotypes like going for iOS, thinking that substantiation is on pretty straight terms on the App Store.

Yes, it's true in some cases, however not continually. Once you are choosing the platform, take into focus each risk and different that you just will consider. If you don’t do then, you're confining your audience to a limit.

13. Self Beta Testing


With beta testing, the developers will trace the issues with the operating of the app and acquire feedbacks to enhance it additional. They direct towards a easy surroundings by running real tests through external beta testers. Don’t suppose that there's no would like for associate external tester if you'll get laid yourself. That outside perspective is crucial and helps to catch sight of the troubles with the app.

It is not alone concerning the bugs rather there are some ideas that may prove valuable in creating the app user-oriented. As an example, your in-app purchases aren't told clearly or the presence of advertisements is creating the expertise suffer. Along with your conception of app plan, it's tough to focus on these tortuous flaws.

14. No Backup set up


No matter what you are doing, bugs are absolute to happen. And you've got to repair them. Continually be prepared with a backup set up for such fulminant error-laden surprises that arise not as a result of your fault however as a result of another downside within the system. Here your service can get you rewards. However on the opposite hand, if the bug is your fault, you need to watch out that there's a protect from various debugging sessions once the app has been approved. Contemplate the post-launch problems and support policies within the starting solely. Be clear concerning them and don’t resort to any idea or quick-fix tool.


It is seen that the developers of the foremost profitable apps aren't simply developers, however sharp business runners  are versatile with their management skills and change effective communication throughout the organization. To survive during this dynamic field of app development, it's vital to own the requisite information and experience. If your App doesn’t meet the latest trends in the market, then, there is no point in launching one such.

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