Node.js Development

The foremost goal of us adopting Node JS development is to offer an application based on JavaScript more cutting-edge, reliable, and firm.

Node JS is built on event-driven non-blocking I/O models, which makes it clean and usable. It is a very ideal technology for data concentrated real time applications that needs to perform in a wide range of environments. Having been different from the conventional pattern, Node JS is truly a revolution in the field of development and no wonder it has now become the most admired option for top brands like eBay, Yahoo, Walmart and so on. 

Due to its asynchronous, non-blocking, programming model, applications built on Node JS can perform in lightning-fast speeds. It enables the use of JavaScript on the server side, and both client and the server running using the same language.

Node JS is truly a revolution in the field of Web development. Earlier, highly concurrent programs were getting restricted to hardcore network programmers. Now, any Web developer, who is adept in Java Script, can easily write highly scalable programs with ease. Nevertheless, Node JS has changed the notion of how a server should work. It helps a programmer to write code that can handle tens, hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous connections on just on server.

We the developers at Piccosoft, who are experts in JavaScript, admired Node JS for its smartness and speed. Now, with Node JS, our entire approach for Web development has become zealous.